Individual Insurance 101

Know Your Insurance

Individual Health Insurance 101 Guide
This introductory guide is intended to provide individuals with the basics about their individual health insurance plan, especially those who are new to insurance.

Health Insurance Marketplaces
This article provides an overview of the health insurance Marketplaces, including information on key concepts such as eligibility, available plans and state-to-state differences.

Marketplace FAQs
This document contains responses to frequently asked questions concerning health insurance Marketplace.

The Group Insurance vs. Individual Insurance Decision Flowchart
This flowchart discusses the advantages and disadvantages of three of the options available to employers as they determine whether they will offer health coverage to employees.


January 2016
The Affordable Care Act and You
The Affordable Care Act and Taxes

December 2015
What Happens if I Miss Open Enrollment? Health Care Options for Young Adults

October 2015:
The Individual Mandate Employee Video

July 2015:
New Exchange Speical Enrollment Period for 2015

April 2015:

HHS Issues Final Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2016

Why Your Eligibility for Employer Health Coverage Can Change

March 2015:

New Exchange Special Enrollment Periods for 2015

New Guidance and Relief for Employer Payment of Individual Premiums

February 2015:
Reporting Coverage and Paying Penalties
Starting in 2015, individuals will have to report on their federal tax return whether they had health insurance coverage for2014 or were exempt from the individual mandate. Any penalties that an individual owes for not having health insurance coverage will generally be assessed and collected in the same manner as taxes.


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