Why is worksite wellness necessary?

  • Obesity is associated with a 36% increase in health care costs
  • As a result of employee wellness programs, absenteeism from illness drops an average of 14%
  • 75% of health care costs are attributable to chronic disease
  • Non-exercising employees claim an average of $100 more in health care claims per person per year than exercising employees
  • Workers at an unhealthy weight had 143% higher hospital inpatient utilization than those at a healthy weight

Wellness is an important part of an employee benefit package. At Alpha , we strive to bring you all the services necessary to round out your employee benefits and reduce your health care costs. Let us design, implement and evaluate a customized Wellness Program for your company's needs. From Smoking Cessation and Weight Management to Diabetes and Heart Health, we can bring the education and training to your workplace.

Workplace Wellness: Why Promote Wellness?

Health Checkup Checklists for MEN & WOMEN

Initiatives for Stress Management

The only significant way to control employer healthcare costs is for companies to adopt health promotion programs.

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