Staff Directory

The Alpha Group Agency, Inc.
4200 Rockside Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44131

Name Title Ext
Name Title Ext
Adrienne Vichill Principal/Benefits Advisor 140
Alexandra Dighero
Associate Account Manager
Angelo Todaro Benefits Advisor 148
Anna Kuznicki Benefits Account Manager
Anne Byrnes Benefits Advisor 122
Bette Kalal Benefits Account Manager 178
Brandy Lachanski Benefits Advisor 168
Brett Friedel Senior HR Consultant, AlphaHR 115
Carla Emery Wellness Program Coordinator 153
Cheryl Beal
Human Resource Administrator, AlphaHR
Cindy Duber Benefits Advisor 184
Diane Brady Marketing Coordinator 133
Dianne Nahra Human Resources Generalist, AlphaHR 173
Eric Schade
Benefits Advisor
Greg Hyde
Accounting 167
Holly Overton Benefits Account Manager 186
Jackie Dockrill New Business Development 141
Jackie Cleland Benefits Account Manager 136
Jan Hannah Receptionist 120
Janet Kinzel Benefits Account Manager 123
Jason Hinchman Benefits Advisor 177
Jessica Jasinski Wellness Program Coordinator 151
Jim Schade Principal/Benefits Advisor 137
Joan Miller Senior Benefits Account Manager 142
John Wain Principal/Benefits Advisor 131
Kathy Hudak Accounting 147
Katie Waugh Large Group Support 154
Kevin Mackay Principal/Benefits Advisor 130
Kim Caffey Benefits Account Manager 134
Kim Whitis Benefits Account Manager 163
Linda Vinyard Claims Advocate 126
Liz Olexa Accounting 159
Lisa Juron Benefits Advisor 139
Mark Becker Broker, Alpha Property & Casualty 169
Mark Malin Benefits Advisor 183
Megan Bauman Benefits Account Manager 124
Nikki Chiricosta Benefits Account Manager 157
Olivia Chrzanowski Associate Account Manager 156
Peggy Ream Benefits Advisor 121
Peggy Vetrick Account Manager, Alpha Property & Casualty 182
Rachelle Kucharski Human Resource Administrator, AlphaHR 172
Rob Hubbard Benefits Advisor 125
Ryan Trego Human Resources 116
Sabrina Olexa Benefits Account Manager 160
Sandy Jiberno Marketing Assistant 165
Sean Nehlsen Director, HR Consulting, AlphaHR 171
Shelly Klag Office Manager 129
Stephanie Stadler Broker, Alpha Property & Casualty 166
Steve Orlando Financial Technician 127
Todd Bloch Benefits Advisor 132
Tracy Rocco Administrative Support 185

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